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8 Year Old Rory Van Ulft Flawlessly Deadlifts 200lbs, Celebrates With One-handed Flip

21 Sep , 2021  

  • Rory van Ulft showed off her impressive strength with a 3x bodyweight deadlift
  • She is 2x US Youth National Champion and will defend her title a third time in 2022
  • She had an 82kg / 130lbs total in the US Youth National Championship 2021

Rory van Ulft @roryvanulft, an 8-year-old athlete, successfully pulled a 90kg / 198lbs deadlift like a pro. The 2x US Youth National Champion competes in the 30kg / 66lbs weight class and celebrated her latest feat on Instagram by doing a one-handed flip. Hence proving that not only is she strong but flexible as well.

Rory used proper lifting techniques and gear including wrists wraps and belts to lift 3x her body weight. In addition to deadlift, she also holds snatch titles in two age categories in the 35kg / 77lbs weight class. Last year, she became the youngest-ever USA National Weightlifting Champion.

Rory scored a 72kg / 158lbs total at the 2020 US Youth National Championship in the under 13 age and 30kg category. She lifted a maximum of 30kg / 66.1 in snatch and 42kg / 92.6 in clean and jerk.

This year she smashed her previous record in the same category and age class. Rory scored an 82kg / 180lbs total as she lifted 35kg / 77.2lbs in snatch and 47kg / 103.6lbs in clean and jerk.

The 2022 US Youth National Championship is scheduled for June 25 and July 3, 2022, in Nevada, Las Vegas. Rory will be defending her title a third time and with her recent performance in the deadlift, it seems like she can definitely pull this off.


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