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Aber Nazario Breaks The Drug-Tested All-Time World Deadlift Record

7 Oct , 2021  

  • Aber Nazario broke another DT ATWR of his career
  • He deadlifted more than 760lbs to score his DT ATWR
  • He’s currently on the road to lift 800lbs during the IPD DT 2021

Aber Nazario @abner_n181 aka the Deadlift Specialist recently made history by deadlifting a record-breaking weight with a proper drug test. He previously held a deadlift record in the same category re-breaking his previous record. 

Aber Nazario Established New DT AWTR In Deadlift

Nazario lifted 769.3lbs / 346.5kg in the 181lbs / 82kg category with a 176.1lbs / 79.8kg body weight with proper drug test. His performance during the meet beats any of his PRs in the gym. Needless to say, Nazario was in the best shape of his life. 

His Instagram profile is evident of his performance during the meet. In one of his posts, 10 days prior to the USAPA meet, he can be seen doing a paused 589lbs / 267kg deadlift for three reps and a 666lbs / 302kg deadlift for a single rep. 

As of now, Nazario is back in the gym. His latest stats indicate that he’s a bit lighter at 177.2lbs / 80.37kg body weight. He can be seen lifting 589lbs / 267kg for 7 reps, 633lbs / 287kg for a single rep. 

Despite achieving a brand new world record, Nazario intends to break the 800lbs / 362.8kg barrier soon. Currently, he’s preparing for the upcoming IPL worlds 2021. 


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