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ABS PRO 21 Set For 27 November; Competitors List revealed!

13 Sep , 2021  

The biggest powerlifting competitive event of Western Europe, ABS PRO 21, is back with a bang. A total of 25 athletes, 15 male and 10 female from 10 different nations will face each other for the prestigious ABS Pro title and cash prizes. The highly anticipated powerlifting event is scheduled for 27 November 2021 in Dublin, Ireland.

ABS PRO 21 Competitors

On the female side, this year’s roster includes prominent figures like Louise Kenna @louisekenna and Emma Mcdermott @emma.mcdermott_. Louise competes in the under 84kg / 185lbs category and has a total of 515kg / 1135.38lbs with a 200kg / 440lbs squat, 115kg / 253lbs bench press and a 200kg / 440lbs deadlift. Meanwhile Mcdermott has an impressive 450kg total with a 160kg / 352lbs squat, 85kg / 187lbs benchpress, and a 205kg / 451lbs deadlift.

On the men’s side, Ian Benson @bensonstrengthcoach and Colin Larkin Lynch @Colin Larkin Lynch are some of the athletes to watch out for this season. Benson, who has a 777.5kg / 1714lbs total, competes with a 95.7kg / 219lbs bodyweight. Meanwhile, Lynch has an astounding 900kg total in the U93 category featuring a 290kg / 639lbs squat, 200kg / 440lbs bench press and a 310kg / 683lbs deadlift.

The full list of Male and Female competitors for ABS PRO 21 is as follows


  1. Pierre Shillinford – England
  2. Jake Brennan – Ireland
  3. Colin Larkin Lynch – Ireland
  4. Gareth Small – Ireland
  5. Delroy McQueen – England
  6. Rob Spence – England
  7. Ajay Sharma – England
  8. Lenny Sullivan – Ireland
  9. Robert Masson – Scotland
  10. Fillipo Ingrosso – Italy
  11. Fionn Hanratty – Ireland
  12. Owain Tobias – Wales
  13. Ian Benson – Ireland
  14. Tomas Boyz – Hungary
  15. Nihad Opalic – Bosnia
  16. Nemanja Tasic – Serbia


  1. Stella Higgins – England
  2. Anna Hourihane – Ireland
  3. Michaela Leonard – Ireland
  4. Laura Vogelsang – Ireland
  5. Heather Connor – USA
  6. Shannon Pollock – Ireland
  7. Louise Kenna – Ireland
  8. Leoni Tatman – England
  9. Melissa Hexter – England
  10. Linh Nguyen  – Ireland
  11. Maria Htee – Canada
  12. Makeda Vidal – England


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