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Arnold Sports Festival 2022 Results: Ashton Roushka Breaks Record With 370Kg Squat

10 Mar , 2022  

  • Ashton Roushka dominated Men’s Grand Prix in the Raw event category
  • Samantha Calhoun made her way to the top of Women’s Women’s Grand Prix in the raw event
  • Martin Licis, Brandon Curry, Terry Mitchell and Tamara Wilcott made headlines during Arnold Sports Festival 2022

The recently conducted Arnold Sports Festival 2022 saw a bunch of talented athletes pull off some amazing feats of strength. And no other event better represents “true strength” than RAW powerlifting. So today we’re taking a look at Men’s and Women’s Grand Prix (Overall) results in the RAW event at Arnold Sports Festival 2022. 

Kicking things off with results in the Men’s category we have Ashton Roushka @some_strongash_guy dominating the event with a 2,104lbs total at 103.79kg (228lbs) body weight. Roushka broke his previous record at the Arnold Sports Festival 2022 with an 815lbs (370kg) squat during his third attempt. He also pulled a 380kg (837lbs) deadlift, a 205kg (452lbs) squat and his DOTS score was 578.667.

With such a power-packed performance, Roushka is definitely considering competing at nationals up next. 

The second position at the competition was secured by Jon Gruden with a 555.33 DOTS score and Angel Fortino captured the third position with 547.36 DOTS. 

Meanwhile, Samantha Calhoun @sam.s.calhoun won the Women’s RAW division with 537.44 DOTS. She won her first National title back in 2018 and then dominated IPF Worlds 2019 at Helsenbord. Sweden. At the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival, she pulled a 517.5kg (1140lbs) total in the deadlift, establishing a new American record. Gabby Martinez and Claire Zai won second and third place respectively.

Apart from the RAW powerlifting event, this year’s Arnold Sports Festival also saw some pretty big moments. Some of the main highlights include @martinlicis Martin Licis, World Strongest Man winner 2019, winning his first Arnold Strongman Classic. Former Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry @brandon_curry also won his second Arnold Classic Title. 

Moreover, Strongman Terry Mitchell broke the record for Thor’s Hammer Hold by lifting it for 60.72 seconds. The previous record was 49.24 seconds meaning, he beat the record by a good margin. Additionally, Tamara Wilcott also broke the Elephant bar deadlift record with a 641lbs deadlift. She beat the previous record by around 20lbs. 

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