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Arnold Sports Festival 2022 Results: Jen Thompson Dominates In Women’s RAW Event With 145Kg Bench

8 Mar , 2022  

  • The Arnold Sports Festival 2022 recently concluded in Columbus, OHIO USA
  • A number of talented Men and Women competed in the Equipped and RAW Benchpress event
  • Easton Schuster, Joseph Amendola, Stephanie Kaye, and Jen Thompson dominated their respective categories

After two years, the Arnold Sports Festival is back in full force. With a limited audience in 2020 and an outright cancelation in 2021, the Arnold Festival came back strong this year with a huge attendance of athletes, audience, sponsors, and more. One of the main attractions of the event is the powerlifting meetups and we already have the results in the Pro Benchpress meetup.

The USAPL sponsored Arnold Sports Festival 2022 recently declared winners for the Pro Benchpress in the Equipped and Raw division. 

Starting with the Men’s Equipped division Pro Benchpress, @easton.schuster Easton Schuster took the top spot with a score of 210.63 DOTS by benching 714lbs (323kg) with under 200lbs body weight (90kg), followed by Adam Mamola scoring 202.96 DOTS and Austin Brown scoring 184.42 DOTS.

For the uninitiated, DOTS stands for “Dynamic Objective Team Scoring System.” It takes into account an athlete’s gender, weight, weight lifted, event, category and calculates an overall score based on pre-determined values. It was first used during Insanity Meet 2019 in Germany. 

Moving on, in the Women’s Equipped division Pro Benchpress, Stephanie Kaye secured the first position with 142.72 DOTS meanwhile Andrea Pettyjohn came second place scoring 118.19 DOTS. 

In the Men’s RAW Pro Bench, Joseph Amendola @jake_amandola came out on top scoring 158.26 DOTS. Meanwhile, in the second position, Antonino Fazio scored 142.80 DOTS and Jaisyn Myke scored 141.40 DOTS.

In the Women’s RAW Pro Bench category, @jenthompson132 Jen Thompson scored 153.09 DOTS by benching over 320lbs (145kg) raw at 148lbs (67.5kg) body weight. The win is Thompson’s 77th World Record in both Open and Masters, which is pretty impressive. In the second spot, Mat-Tal Oskar scored 125.95 DOTS by lifting 292lbs (132.5kg) in her third successful attempt at 173lbs (78.6kg) body weight. In the third spot, Alexis Jones secured her spot on the podium by scoring 122.72 DOTS. 

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