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Athlete With Similar Bench, Squat And Deadlift Totals 11x Bodyweight

19 Dec , 2020  

Lifting 11 times the total of your body weight is an amazing feat of strength. Over the years, only a handful of athletes have managed to accomplish this. Additionally, lifting almost the same weight in squat, deadlift and bench-press is another super tough task, accomplished only by the most elite of athletes.

And Eddie Berglund is one among them. As he can not only lift a similar amount of weight in all the three lifts but can also total 11 times his 66 kg body weight.

Equal Squat, Bench And Deadlift Leads To Massive Total

During a formal European championship, Eddie managed a total of 677.5 kg / 1,494 lbs. His squat and bench were 240 kg / 529 lbs and 200 kg/ 441 lbs respectively. His deadlift was just as good as his squat at 237.5 kg / 523 lbs.

Eddie can lift a huge amount of weight in the bench-press thanks to a special arching technique. He bends his back a lot, thus creating a huge arch. However, critics do point out that such a bench-press heavily reduces the range of motion.

During the 2019 competition, Eddie also tried his hand at a 216 kg / 476 lbs bench-press but failed. Keeping all three lifts equally powerful is a difficult task. Almost all the time, people’s deadlift and squat will be more than their bench-press.

Athletes can train to bring their bench-press numbers up a notch but the process could slow the progress on their squat or deadlift.

Despite the difficulty, Eddie continues to get stronger. During a mockup meet, he broke his previous total by 53 kg / 117 lbs reaching 731 kg / 1611 lbs. He increased his squat to 250 kb / 552 lbs and his bench-press to an astounding 235 kg / 519 lbs. His deadlift improved relatively less at 245 kg / 540 lbs.

Lifting 11 Times Your Body Weight Isn’t Easy

To explain how difficult it is, only a handful of athletes ever have lifted 11 times their body weight including Taylor Atwood, Austin Perkins, Sergey Fedosienko, Andrej Stanazek and John Haack.

However, in light of his latest performance, Eddie will soon be the sixth lifter ever to lift 11 times his body weight and the first athlete ever to lift almost equal weight in his bench, squat and deadlift.

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