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Bench Press King Julius Maddox To Fight Danial Zamani For 800lbs Attempt At IRON WARS

25 Aug , 2021  

  • C.T. Fletcher made the official announcement on his Instagram for the upcoming IRON WARS
  • Julius Maddox holds the world record for a 782lbs bench press.
  • Danial Zamani has lifted 777lbs in training and is on the road to bench 800lbs

Coach and Athlete C.T. Fletcher confirmed the fight between Julius Maddox @irregular_strength and Danial Zamani @danialzamani1 for the upcoming Iron Wars event scheduled for January 2022. C.T. Fletcher made the official announcement from his official Instagram handle @c.t.ali.fletcher that both athletes will face each other to achieve the record for bench press in the upcoming IRON WARS event.

Julius Maddox is the king of benchpress and the current world record holder for a 782lbs / 355kg benchpress. He also recently attempted an 800 lbs / 362kg world bench press record at Wrigley Field on August 21 but sadly couldn’t pull through. He posted a 730 lbs / 331kg warmup benchpress with @larrywheels on his Instagram as well and seemed to pull it off quite well.

On the other hand, Danial Zamani also seems to be in one of the best shapes of his career. His progression is clearly visible as he did a 747 lbs / 330 kg raw benchpress on May 6 followed by another 766lbs / 347.5 kg raw benchpress on July 18. Later during the same month, Danial did a 672lbs / 305kg benchpress for 2 reps. Finally, on August 15, he did a 777lbs / 352.5kg benchpress as he inched one more step closer to the world record.

“I promise in next 6 to 8 months I will push 365kg (804lbs) benchpress.
Soon I hope to appear in IRON WARS competition to compete with the best in the world.”
– Danial Zamani

With both athletes reaching inhuman levels of strength, the upcoming IRON WARS is going to be extra awesome this time around.

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