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Best Massage Guns For Easy Passive Recovery

25 Oct , 2020  

If you’re not using a Massage Gun in 2020, you’re missing out on quick post-workout recovery, improved blood circulation, and an overall flexible body.

With advancements in science, you no longer have to sit idle for days on end after a heavy leg workout. Instead, you can use a massage gun for quick short-term recovery and easily carry on with your everyday life.

If you don’t know what a Massage Gun is? Let me give you the skinny.

A massage gun is a vibrating device designed to rapidly stroke your sore muscles by relieving your body of muscle cramps and improving blood flow. It is called a Massage “Gun” because more often than not it is shaped like a big pistol or revolver. The only difference is, even the countries with strict gun control laws (one that sucks) can allow the sale and purchase of these Massage Guns.

How Does A Massage Gun Work And How To Use It?

Before I endow upon you 7 of the best massage guns that you can find online, here’s a quick rundown on the workings of such a device and how you should use it. (Don’t worry it’s not too complicated)

The only thing that you need to know is that by using a Massage Gun you’re preparing your muscle for an activity. This is important because you can’t go on a 10-mile hike after a leg workout just because you used a massage gun. You can, however, recover faster, in such a case. Context matters. The gun will improve blood flow, ease the tension in your muscles, and will allow you to lead a life devoid of soreness and muscle pain. It’s a life worth living, just ask Larry Wheels.

As for the question of “how to use such a Massage gun?” Just don’t use it on your bones and you’ll be fine. You can use a massage gun before and after your workout. The only other point to note here is that you should not be aggressive with a Massage Gun. If using the device over an area for more than 30 seconds doesn’t relieve you of pain then you should probably stop using it.

Most massage guns offer either percussive therapy or vibrational therapy.
There’s a difference between both of them. Percussive therapy is akin to deep tissue massage therapy, whereby the moving end of the massage gun goes “in and out” relatively slowly but travels a longer distance. A good way to imagine this is to think of deep, slow strokes.

Meanwhile, vibrational therapy is more similar to superficial massage over the skin and the muscle. It makes the tight and cramped muscle areas feel loose.

With all this out of the way, let’s move on with the list.

Best Massage Guns For Easy Passive Recovery

Theragun G4Pro


It is a massage gun particularly used for percussive therapy. Theragun is different than other massage guns because it comes with two replaceable batteries. Meanwhile, several other massage guns have them inbuilt. In terms of performance, Theragun is moderately loud, around 70 dB, and provides good percussive therapy similar to a deep tissue massage. Each battery lasts around 150 minutes, which is pretty good. The gun also comes with attachments of several different shapes including a cone, thumb, wedge along a cushion-like connector, making it easy to massage relatively boney areas. However, its high cost of $599 can seem off-putting.



This massage gun is the jack of all trades. It comes with six different attachments, suitable for almost all body parts. It runs very quietly at around 40 dB and offers up to 4 hours or 240 minutes of battery life upon a single charge. FITGUN can be customized according to your own taste, it has an RPM range of 1800-3600, furthermore, you can manage its speed at 30 different levels. The best part is that it only costs $99, which is a steal compared to other massage guns in this price range.

Recovery Pro Massage Gun

This product falls into the luxurious category with a price tag of around $449. It is a high-tech product and also boasts features like a Samsung battery, a front tip that can be changed to different angles. It comes with four different interchangeable tips that can be used for massaging different parts of the body. Moreover, it offers up to 3 hours of battery life and can be fully charged in around 4 hours.

Hypervolt Massage Gun

Hypervolt Massage Gun

It is probably one of the quietest massage guns on the market. Hypervolt massage gun comes with an interchangeable battery that lasts for around 3 hours. It also features 4 different types of tips each suitable for a particular type of body part. Hypervolt costs around $350, which is quite a huge amount in 2020. However, it justifies its high price tag with its robust build quality and quiet operation.

In Conclusion

You can always get the utmost luxurious product if you’re willing to shell out the cash for it. However, it’s always the value for money products that do the job for most customers. Therefore, if you want a value for money product, which is built and designed well and offers a wide variety of features, then FITGUN is the best choice for you.

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