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It’s The “Record-Breaking” Season At The 2021 World Classic Powerlifting Championships

1 Oct , 2021  

The IPF 2021 World Classic Powerlifting Championships at Halmstad in Sweden is underway in full swing. After completing the junior and sub-juniors category, the event moved on to Men’s and Women’s weight categories.

Two female lifters from Great Britain, Bobby Butters @bobbie.butters and Joy Nnamani @j_nnamani achieved world records in squat and deadlift respectively. Joy Nnamani deadlift 220.5kg / 486lbs in the 57kg / 125.6lbs category and achieved a 480.5kg / 1059lbs total. Meanwhile Bobby Butters scored a world record in the squat by lifting 180.5kg / 379.9lbs with a 57kg / 125.6lbs body weight. 

Meanwhile, in the men’s category, Russel Orhii @russwole from the Virgin Islands first broke the World record in the 83kg / 182lbs class category. He deadlifted 333kg / 734lbs and had an 841kg / 1854lbs total. However, right after that Asien Enahoro from Hungary broke the newly established record by deadlifting 336kg / 740.7lbs in the 83kg / 182lbs class category. Asien had some trouble locking out his knees during the deadlift but he managed to pull off the weight.

However, Russel still has a World Record Squat of 320.5kg / 706.5lbs to his name in the same weight category.

On the other hand, with a 220.5kg / 486.1lbs deadlift in the 57kg / 125lbs weight category, Joy Nnmani had 480.5kg / 1059lbs total, which is again pretty impressive. In the 63kg / 138lbs women’s category, Prescilla Bavoil @lya_powerlift from France scored two world records to her name, by squatting 205kg / 451.9lbs and deadlifting 230.5kg / 508.1lbs. 


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