Gym Recovery Covid-19


Here’s What Your Post COVID-19 Gym Recovery Should Look Like

5 Dec , 2020  

The “Post COVID-19 Gym” is going to look a lot LIKE same place you used to work out at. However, the main difference would be, and it hurts for me to say this, the lack of strength in all of us. For the majority of us, it hasn’t been easy to train during a deadly […]



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31 Jan , 2020  

🏋🏻‍♀️ SQUAT BALANCE 🏋🏻‍♂️ When teaching athletes to squat, coaching cues like “push through your heels” and “sit back” are commonly given in an attempt to improve mechanics and efficiency. These cues have likely become so common over the years due to the tendency for people to shift their weight forward over their toes as […]


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💥THE MOVEMENT MINUTE💥 EP 6: Squat/Deadlift Priming Drill

30 Mar , 2019  

In this episode we touch on the Gluteus Medius, a muscle responsible for hip abduction, internal or medial rotation and lateral stability of the hip. I often see people “warming up” or working this muscle in isolation in efforts to aid with “knees out” in the squat or or deadlifts, however only training the muscle activation of the glute med is not considering the secondary or tertiary role or the full function of that muscle.

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shoulder health

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Shoulder Health For Powerlifters

8 Feb , 2019  

By @BroganSamuelWilliams I think every powerlifter has been asked this question a thousand times… “Hey, how much do ya bench?” If you are anything like me, you wish your answer was bigger. We all want to bench more, increase our total and reach the goals we set for ourselves, but we often run into problems […]


The Mountain Teaches Larry Wheels

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The Mountain Teaches Larry Wheels About The Elephant Bar

22 Jan , 2019  

It’s been several weeks since Larry Wheels has been training in Iceland with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson for the upcoming LA fitness strongman and subsequently for the Arnold Amateur Strongman. Along the journey, Larry has learned log lift, how to stone lifts, how to use his lats while lifting weight above his head and finally he […]

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Top 10 Powerlifting Memes Squat

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Top 10 Powerlifting Memes Of January 2019

14 Jan , 2019  

“Memes are not the solution said no one ever. I have gone through the absolutely worse imaginable scenarios with nothing but a good training session and some equally satisfying memes. Since I know all of you bench heavy daily, you probably won’t take training advice from me. However, when it comes to memes, I will […]

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💥THE MOVEMENT MINUTE💥 EP 2: Shoulder Health (Part 1)

8 Jan , 2019  

Ep 2 Shoulder Health (Part 1) by @brogansamuelwilliams View this post on Instagram A post shared by Powerlifting Motivation ™ (@powerliftingmotivation) on Jan 3, 2019 at 11:29pm PST // The Movement Minute is an online educational series consisting of 10 episodes. Hosted by Brogan Williams from, directed by @luckophoto and brought to you by @powerliftingmotivation, our aim is […]


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💥The Movement Minute💥 Ep 1: Squat Depth Drill

8 Jan , 2019  

Ep 1: Squat Depth Drill The Movement Minute is an online educational series consisting of 10 episodes. Hosted by Brogan Williams & directed by Lucko Prawito @luckophoto, our aim is to provide high-quality content in a bite-size, easily understandable form that is applicable straight away – getting you moving better in the gym.–Includes a FREE MOBILITY […]


"Hack Your Squat"

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HACK YOUR SQUAT – Learning to Brace

12 Nov , 2018  

“Hack Your Squat” is a new series by Jamie Bisset covering small tweaks that you can make to improve your squat. This is Part 2 which discusses how to brace during the squat. Topics covered: – Chest Breathing vs Diaphragmic Breathing – Neutral Spine vs Spinal Hyperextension – Breathing / Bracing Drills – When to […]

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9 Nov , 2018  

In this blog, we will explore some possible physiological and structural restrictions to squat depth and provide some strategies on how to improve.  It can sometimes be confusing to understand why you are struggling to hit depth, and there is no shortage of non-specific generalized information out there on this subject. I have wrestled with this […]

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Powerlifting Motivation Chat

27 Oct , 2018  

Join the community of 29 000 + members and share your powerlifting experience Powerlifting Motivation Chat Facebook Group · 28,230 members   Join Group   Form check, programming, fun, swag Have fun and be nice to each other