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Lifter Gets Kicked Out Of The Gym For Lifting Like A Pro

13 Sep , 2021  

The gym owner takes out his frustration on his customers He asked one of his members mid-workout to leave the gym The owner’s brother apologised saying his brother is a headcase Rob Lewy @roblewy, a US-based lifter got kicked out of the gym for squatting 233kg / 515lbs like a professional athlete. Lewy uploaded a […]

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Top 10 Powerlifting Memes Squat

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Top 10 Powerlifting Memes Of January 2019

14 Jan , 2019  

“Memes are not the solution said no one ever. I have gone through the absolutely worse imaginable scenarios with nothing but a good training session and some equally satisfying memes. Since I know all of you bench heavy daily, you probably won’t take training advice from me. However, when it comes to memes, I will […]

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Larry Wheels To Participate In Strongman Competition

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Larry Wheels To Participate In Strongman Competiton

12 Jan , 2019  

In his recent Youtube video, Larry “Wheels” Williams, confirmed that he will be competing in the upcoming Amateur Strongman competition, held at Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio. This news was announced by Larry and Thor, together in his latest video. Thor mentioned that, in order to compete in the Amateur Strongman, first he’d have to […]

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July 24th

24 Jul , 2018  

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Powerlifting of Crossfit is more expensive

3 Jul , 2018  

I Have Been Powerlifting For 3 (Almost 4) Years Now. I Started Off On My College Campus Gym, $25.00 Per Semester (5 Months). Fitness Professor On Campus Taught Me Everything I Know, He Turned Into My Powerlifting Coach! When The Semester Ended I Had No Where To Train & I Had Been A Fan Of […]