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PM c/o ZAHIR Signature Singlet

25 Aug , 2019  

PM/ZAHIR lifting singlet

In 2019 PM combined forces with World Record holder Zahir Khudayarov to create Zahir’s signature series hi-end lifting singlet. PM c/o ZAHIR singlets are very limited and for quality and style assurances hand crafted in Europe.

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Couple met at the Squat Rack

25 Aug , 2019  

Who doesn’t love a good love story ❤️❤️❤️ The first place I saw her. Squatting in the squat rack and obviously me looking without being too subtle. Today I married my soulmate and we even returned to the old gym we trained in for a picture by that same Squat rack. Love life 😍 Richard […]

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Rick Jones Detached his Pec

24 Aug , 2019  

Just wanted to extend some hope to anyone unlucky enough to experience a full pec detachment, and might think it is the end of their time in lifting/benching. **vids are of today, not the incident** 22 weeks ago to the day, I not only detached my pec, but tore some of my humerus away, requiring […]



Legends of The Sisterhood 2020

23 Aug , 2019  

We’re reaching out to invite you to participate in our upcoming WRPF meet Legends of The Sisterhood on May 30th, 2020 at Abtsolute Training located in New Rochelle, NY.  We hope you do consider being a part of this event and look at the sponsorship package attached for “Legends of The Sisterhood”. Join us in […]


Media Kit

23 Aug , 2019  

Powerlifting Motivation media presentation – instagram and facebook

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Well, I obviously don’t sumo that wide

12 Aug , 2019  

Well, I obviously don’t sumo that wide. Not then (2005), and not now. I was a fairly new lifter back then. It was my first international comp, and I was the first lifter in each round. Since the platform was wooden, it was washed between each round. This was my third attempt, 140 kg, a […]

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Matt Vena Male Vitaliy Syrup

8 Aug , 2019  

PMC Highlights How much money would Matt Vena MALE VITALITY syrup would be worth? Imagine if we captured him, locked him in a squat rack that’s modified into a cage. Hook him up to a milking machine (see attached picture) and just milk his MALE VITALITY juices everyday.   source powerlifting motivation chat 🙌🏽 – […]


Malanichev with a 1012lbs squat

6 Aug , 2019  

How many 1k squats has he hit? More than anyone else?

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Larry Wheels addressed the allegations made against him

29 Jul , 2019  

if you wanna watch the video click the Youtube links below someone dropped that on Facebook She’s just salty coz Larry got himself a European girl now



28 Jul , 2019  

This is every lifter’s worst fear. How much more dangerous is wrapped knee squats for injuries (and falls like this)? On the King of the Lifts podcast, we have heard from @bilbo_swaggins181 & @brandon_allen88 speak on the dangers of squatting with a wrapped knee. @dhk.athl (@powerliftingofficial) – Вот так выглядит нога во время и после […]


Job Available for Freelance Writers

8 May , 2019  

header pm

The ideal candidate should be familiar with WordPress and able to prepare the media (video, images) related to the articles. Videos are embedded from YouTube, Instagram or Facebook (preferably from Powerlifting Motivation channels). The length of the articles is not the most important thing – the quality is what matters. Loading…

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4 May , 2019  


Powerlifting = Passion POWERLIFTING ORIGINAL SERIES Let me know if you like this video 🙂