Hafthor Bjornsson

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World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson Will do Full Powerlifting Meet

8 Nov , 2018  

People are already discussing what Hafthor Bjornsson will total at the WRPF Thor’s Powerlifting Challenge. What numbers do you think he’ll hit at the meet? “News of Thor’s participation has set the internet alight with speculation about what numbers he might achieve. While we’ve never seen a video of him maxing out on bench press […]


Larry Wheels

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Larry Wheels 418kg 922lbs

27 Oct , 2018  


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Powerlifting Motivation Chat

27 Oct , 2018  

Join the community of 29 000 + members and share your powerlifting experience Powerlifting Motivation Chat Facebook Group · 28,230 members   Join Group   Form check, programming, fun, swag Have fun and be nice to each other


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Zahir Light Dead’s video

7 Sep , 2018  



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Powerlifting of Crossfit is more expensive

3 Jul , 2018  

I Have Been Powerlifting For 3 (Almost 4) Years Now. I Started Off On My College Campus Gym, $25.00 Per Semester (5 Months). Fitness Professor On Campus Taught Me Everything I Know, He Turned Into My Powerlifting Coach! When The Semester Ended I Had No Where To Train & I Had Been A Fan Of […]

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ProRawX Ladies

16 Mar , 2018   Video

ProRawX ladies day, all time WR beaten, few double body weight raw bench presses and possibly some 600lb+ (272.5kg)+ squats and deadlifts. Very very strong girls! Womens 75kg+ class at ProRawX 640kg – Sarah Rainbow 635kg – Chleo Van Wyk 620kg – Sheryl Bourne 577.5kg – Martina Dostalova 570kg – Emilia Phillips 567.5kg – Pip […]


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Interview with Daniele Pauli, Swiss PL champion & Strength Wars competitor

25 Feb , 2018  

  Some of you may already know Daniele Pauli from his appearances on the YouTube Strength Wars series, in this article we get to know him a little better and, Daniele will share some golden tips to become a great Powerlifter. Daniele (39) from Switzerland is currently the Swiss IPF pl champion (2017) with a […]

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OMG swole gainz

19 Feb , 2018  

Barak lookalike swole af Two Brazilian brothers with biceps measuring more than 25 inches have revealed the secret to their “incredible size”: regular chemical injections. Tony ‘Hulk’ Geraldo , 49, and Alvaro ‘Conan’ Pereira, 50, are two bodybuilders from Rio de Janeriro, Brazil. They claim there was a time when they were ‘addicted to getting big’ […]


Zahir Khudayarov

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Zahir Benching 240/250 kg 551 lbs eazzy

19 Jan , 2018  

Check out Zahir benching this week, he shared the videos on his Instagram I’m coming for the Irish Pro! and then 250 kg 551 lbs eazzy Maza fakalar i m crazy come mazzalar 250 x 1 bench esy mazzalar @powerliftingmotivation @powerliftingofficial @pwrlft @ironoplot @russianlifters @squat.bench.deadlift @squatchamps @deadlifttillimdead @jbboss_lifters4lifters @harrisstabilitysystems @liftunlimited @pale_horse_powerlifting @kp_teaminsta @biggerstrongerbetter #powerliftingmotivation #fitness #motivation #gymlife #gym […]

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Irish Pro Invitational

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19 Jan , 2018  

IRISH PRO INVITATIONAL 2018 MALE RAW FULL POWERLIFTING! NAME & COUNTRY Simon Lewis Williams GB David Wilson GB Dayle Longford GB Chris Pugh GB Gabriele Caliste ITA Jessie Moran IRE Marc Gilligan IRE Austin Hickey IRE Paul Kelly IRE Sean Hoey IRE Luke Harrison GB Sebastin Pawlik POL Filippo Ingrosso ITA Eliot Page GB Eduard […]

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Victoria Ablayevava deadlift raw 190×8 (419 lbs)

17 Jan , 2018   Video

Victoria Ablayevava deadlift raw 190×8 (419 lbs) @ 70 kg (154 lbs) body weight

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16 Jan , 2018  

💥POWERLIFTING PLATE COMPARISON💥 🤓 There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding calibrated Powerlifting Plates. 🏋️ @ivankobarbell Calibrated Plates are made in China and cost around $3,535 for a 459 kg set not including shipping. 🇸🇪 @eleikosport Calibrated Plates are made in China and cost around $2,504 for a 459 kg set not including shipping. 💪🏼 @roguefitness […]

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