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Fitgunworldwide Massage Gun Review

8 Mar , 2021  

Is a scam website or not?

We’re writing this awareness post because there are many people who got scammed by this website.

Short answer: YES. Fitgunworldwide is NOT safe. The only real website is

First of all, this website doesn’t even have a contact page or email.

We have been emailed by tens of people saying they didn’t get their order after they ordered from Fitgun.

Because we want to be 100% transparent and offer our followers accurate info, we confronted the real Fitgun website managers and they assured us that they’re not affiliated in any way with fitgunworldwide.

They are simply using’s brand name as a way to trick people into buying the “products” they showcase on their website and they never send anything afterwards.

Here are a few pictures we have gathered from Fitgun’s support team (the real brand) to show you what we talk about:

In conclusion, as Fitgun said in the Trustpilot comment: “when a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

We would never promote something we don’t genuinely trust, so have no fear, when we promote something, we’re making sure it’s good and we also test it ourselves. is the real website and you shouldn’t be affraid to buy from them, as they’re already offering an affordable massage gun, but they also have an affordable premium massage gun alternative.

They’re a great company. But please be sure you’re buying from, because as you saw, there are many fake websites out there, so you should not believe any “too cheap to be true deals”. Even though Fitgun already has too good to be true deals, but at least they’re trusted by thousands of people.

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