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Developing the Squat: Fundamentals and Common Errors

24 Dec , 2017  

Episode 12 w/Dr. Aaron Horschig (Squat U) “Developing the Squat: Fundamentals and Common Errors”

On Episode 12 of the Philosophical Weightlifting podcast I was joined by Dr. Aaron Horschig. Dr. Horschig is a physical therapist, coach, speaker, writer, and creator of Squat University. Squat University is a resource dedicated to providing athletes with information which will help them decrease their pain, risk of injury, and improve strength and athletic performance.

Dr. Horschig received his undergraduate degree from Truman State University. He then went on to obtain his DPT from the University of Missouri. Dr. Horschig has competed in weightlifting at a national level, placing 6th in 2011 at USAW Nationals in the 85kg class.

In this episode we discussed many topics, but some of the main talking points were:

– Background information: competitive experience and education
– The most difficult aspect of training for Dr. Horschig and people he has worked with
– How to properly perform a squat and what will change from person-to-person
– When to add weightlifting shoes and a belt into your training and when to remove them
– Common errors in the squat and corrections
– Dr. Horschig’s recommended resources
– One thing you can do each day to change your life


This was another awesome show guys and I am so excited to have had this opportunity. Thanks for listening and if you enjoy what you heard give us a like, share, and subscribe for future episodes.


Dr. Horschig’s Social Media

Squat University's Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/SquatUniversity/

Squat University’s Website: squatuniversity.com/

Squat University's Instagram: www.instagram.com/squat_university/

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