Eddie Hall Vs Hafthor “Thor” Björnsson


Eddie Hall Vs Hafthor “Thor” Björnsson: How To Watch, Fighter Stats And The Story So Far!

18 Mar , 2022  

The ultimate fight featuring Eddie Hall Vs Hafthor “Thor” Björnsson is finally upon us and it’s a battle years in the making. Ever since Thor @thorbjornsson broke Eddie Hall’s 2017 World’s Strongest Man World Record of 500kg deadlift, we all knew a fight was coming. But due to a nasty bicep tear last year, Eddie @eddiehallwsm was unfortunately dropped out of the fight. In his place, Thor had to fight Devon Larratt, the world-famous arm wrestling champ.

Things heated further after Thor’s exhibition match with Devon Larratt @devlarratt as Eddie Hall gave his reaction to the event. And recently at the Press event, both fighters did have a go at each other and traded some insults as well. Additionally, Eddie Hall flipped a table at the weigh-ins to further intimidate his opponent.

Its been over a year now, all the formalities are over, and most importantly, Eddie Hall has recovered almost completely from his injuries. So naturally, it is the time for the much-awaited showdown. And here are the stats for both the fighters. 

Eddie Hall

Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 34
Height: 1.91M / 6’3”
Weight: 154kg / 339lbs
Reach: 203.5cm / 80”

Hafthor “Thor” Björnsson

Nationality: ICELAND
Age: 33
Height: 2.05M / 6’9”
Weight: 154kg / 339lbs
Reach: 203.5cm / 80”

How To Watch Eddie Hall Vs Hafthor “Thor” Björnsson Fight For Free

It may come as a surprise but the Eddie Hall Vs Hafthor “Thor” Björnsson fight will stream on Segi.TV for free. The fight will take place on 19th March 2022 and it requires no registration either. Fans can view the fight by simply clicking on the official link. The fight will begin at 8:30 PM GMT, 3:30 PM EST, and 12:30 PM PST. The fight will take place at the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below!


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