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fasting diets?

20 Jan , 2018  


Intermittent fasting diets seem to be similarly effective as daily calorie-restricted diets for fat loss when caloric intake is matched [1]. Multiple research reviews have come out the past several years supporting this [2, 3].


But although intermittent fasting may not be superior to other forms of dieting, it still is a good alternative. Especially if we consider that those who fast for the bigger part of the day tend to achieve a spontaneous decrease in their daily caloric intake [4], which can put you in a caloric deficit without much “dietary planning.”


So, if intermittent fasting helps you moderate your food intake and you enjoy a lower meal frequency, it is a great tool for fat loss. But if you are someone who enjoys having small and more frequent feedings, fasting for 12+ hours in a day may not be sustainable for you.

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