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21 May , 2018  

The 3 Technical Pillars of Strength By Brogan Samuel Williams (Fight4Growth) is a comprehensive yet easy to understand breakdown of the most important technical pillars in strength training. Techniques that have been tried, tested and proven over many years through personal experience, study and countless clients over at

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Many of you are familiar with my free published content and blogs I post on this site. After having such a great response I decided to officially put something out there. I really enjoy writing and providing content that cuts through the BS and helps everyday people + athletes achieve their goals and avoid injury.

I’ve come to notice the countless large amounts of varied, conflicting and sometimes wrong information that is flooding the internet regarding fitness, health, mobility and strength training. My goal is to continue to grow my reach, knowledge, and influence so I can contribute in a large way to the valuable information that is floating around.

Between gathering, applying and filtering the industry’s commonly presented information and popular teaching methods I started to take an in-depth look at biomechanics. I looked into human anatomy, movement and the scientific information that’s available including the studies that are applicable to strength training and mobility. Over the last few years, I’ve tried, measured, tested and proven to myself what works with my own hands-on experience and training not to mention the amazing results I’ve had with countless clients. Through all this, I began to develop these streamlined technical pillars of strength training.. and now I share with you guys THE keys to improving your technique.

This would be a fantastic tool for general lifters, strength athletes, powerlifters, personal trainers, coaches and gym owners.

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