Garage Gym Reviews #2

19 Jan , 2018  


🏠 I hear this excuse all the time, “but starting a home gym is expensive!”

powerliftingmotivation 💰 In all reality, starting a home gym can actually be done rather cheaply. Just because I post crazy setups, doesn’t mean yours has to start that way.

☕ Think about how much money you spend on other things? That $2.50+ coffee you get at brown eyes everyday adds up over time. Same with that brand new iPhone you have to have.

🍟 It all comes down to priorities. Are you prioritizing short-term satisfaction over reaching a long-term goal?

☮️ When I started my home gym, I built most of what I had and bought and resold equipment on Craigslist to pay the rest of the way.

💍 You can do it, you just have to make sacrifices of various luxuries.

🚀 No more excuses, if you want something bad enough…make it happen!

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