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18-Year-Old Lifts 900 Pounds Squat Breaks Every Gym Rats Ego

14 Dec , 2020  

18-year-old Jackson Powell broke the teen super heavy world record by lifting a total of 2045 pounds or 927.5 kg including a 410 kg / 900 pounds squat. To put it into perspective, doing a 600 pounds squat requires years of training, well-balanced nutrition, high-recovery and consistency.

Jackson Powell: 900 Pounds Squat And Then Some More

It seems that Jackson Powell has it all. Earlier this year, in his first meet mind you, he lifted a total of 1857 lbs / 842.5 kg. He benched 380 lbs / 172 kg and lifted around 644 lbs / 292 kg in dead-lift. But most impressively he lifted 832 lbs / 377 kg in the squat, and he did all that at 17 years of age.

Fast forward a few months and Powell was easily lifting his PR, around 835 lbs / 378 kg, while training in sleeves. Doing so turned out to be a great boon for him as in his next meet he broke his previous record.

In his latest meet, he lifted a total of 2045 lbs / 927.5 kg, including a 441 lbs / 200 kg bench-press, 700 lbs / 317.5 kg dead-lift and an explosive 904 lbs / 410 kg squat.

Powell broke his previous total by lifting an additional 188 lbs / 85 kg, thus establishing himself as one of the youngest and fiercest power-lifters on the scene.

All this boy has to do is avoid injury and he has a bright future ahead of it.

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