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Jesus Olivares Dominates IPF Worlds With A Massive 1045kg Total (WR J.)

5 Oct , 2021  

  • Olivares became the fifth athlete from the Virgin Islands to win a gold medal
  • The 23-year-old powerlifter did a record squat of 427.5kg
  • Olivares easily completed all his attempts during squat, deadlift and benchpress

Jesus Olivares delivered a bombastic performance at the IPF Worlds 2021 by scoring a 1045kg / 2303lbs total. The 23-year powerlifter old broke multiple records during his attempt and established a brand new Junior World record. 

Jesus Olivares Scores 1045kg Total

The young powerlifter started off with squats. In his first attempt, he lifted 387.5kg / 854.29lbs, 412.5kg / 909lbs in his second attempt and 427.5kg / 942.47lbs in his third attempt. 

After that Olivares moved on to benchpress, starting off with a 232.5kg / 512.57lbs bench in his first attempt, a 245 kg / 540.13lbs lift during his second attempt and finishing off with a massive 252.5kg / 556.66lbs benchpress in the last attempt. 

Lately, Olivares took on the deadlift and successfully completed his three attempts. In his first attempt, he started off by deadlift 342.5kg / 755lbs, followed by 365kg/ 804lbs in his second and finished off with a 377.5kg / 832.24lbs deadlift in his last attempt. 

With the help of these numbers, Jesus Olivares came out on top. He also became the fifth person from the Virgin Islands to win a gold medal. Other athlete winners hailing from the same place include Russel Orhii, Jonathan Cayco, Chandler Babb, and Amanda Lawrence.

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