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Larry Wheels is Training with the Mountain!

6 Jan , 2019  

The man who shook the Bodybuilding and the Powerlifting world, Larry Wheels, is in Iceland for 8 weeks. The purpose of his visit is to train with Thor Björnsson a.k.a the mountain.

For those of you who don’t know, the ‘Mountain’ is the current world’s strongest man. He has represented Iceland in ‘World’s Strongest Man’ a total of 8 times since 2011. So it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about moving insanely heavy weights around.

While on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Larry ‘Wheels’ Williams, has also been crushing PR’s. Recently at RPS powerlifting, Larry broke his previous total of 2,171 pounds (984.7 kg) by 100 pounds while at 275 pounds (125 kg) body weight. His 2,271 raw total comprised of an 810 pound (367 kg) squat, 610 pounds (276 kg) bench press and an insane 855 pound (387 kg) deadlift.

The brutal amount of grind which the Larry is putting in is an indication that he is not planning to slow down any time soon. He has already tried his hand at bodybuilding by competing and winning at the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic held in California. Now, it is being speculated that he is ready to add the title of ‘Professional Strongman’ in his repertoire as well.

Williams recently posted a clip of him lifting a 310 pound (137 kg) natural stone with ‘The Mountain’. He also plans on releasing a new video of him and Thor, training together tomorrow.

Let us know in the comments about what you think of Larry’s new ‘adventure’ and for everything related to moving heavy shit, stay tuned to Powerlifting Motivation.

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