Larry Wheels To Participate In Strongman Competition

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Larry Wheels To Participate In Strongman Competiton

12 Jan , 2019  

In his recent Youtube video, Larry “Wheels” Williams, confirmed that he will be competing in the upcoming Amateur Strongman competition, held at Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio. This news was announced by Larry and Thor, together in his latest video.

Thor mentioned that, in order to compete in the Amateur Strongman, first he’d have to compete in the LA fitness strongman competition. Thor himself would be competing in the Arnold Strongman Classic, in which he came first last year.

Last year was the 8th attempt of Hafthor Bjornsson in the Amateur Strongman Classic. He became the winner after beating the three-time champion, Brian Shaw with a difference of 3.5 points. In the process Bjornsson also made a new world record by deadlifting 1,041 pounds (472 kg), using a ROGUE elephant bar.

In the Youtube Video, Larry can be seen doing log-press and stone lifts. According to the Bjornsson, Larry has a lot of strength and he only needs to focus on the technique. During the heavy log lift, while the Bjornsson was able to use his belly as an advantage, Williams struggled a bit due to the lack of it.

If qualified in the LA fitness strongman competition, Larry will compete against 80 top Amateur Strongman from all around the world in the Amateur Strongman. With a weight of around 245 pounds, He will compete in the heavyweight class. Currently, the champion in the heavyweight category is Olekly Novikov from Ukraine.

With all these exciting announcements, it is safe to assume that the sport of ‘Strongman’ is going mainstream this year. Do tune in to catch all the updates from The Arnold Sports Festival from Feb 28 to March 3, 2019. And for everything related to benching-like-a-beast, stay tuned to Powerlifting Motivation.

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