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Mr Olympia 2021 First Callout Pre Judging: Big Ramy And Brandon Curry Battle For The Top Spot

9 Oct , 2021  

  • Brandon Curry and Nick Walker become the crowd favourite this year
  • Big Ramy still seems to be in great shape but not as better as last year
  • Hunter Labrada, Willam Bonac and Hadi Choopan also made it to the 1st Callout

Mr Olympia 2021 pre-judging is officially over and two main bodybuilders stole the show’s spotlight. Last year’s winner Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay @big_ramy, seem to be neck to neck and battling for the top spot with Brandon Curry @brandon__curry. Other bodybuilders who made it into the top six include Nick Walker @nick_walker39, Hadi Choopan @hadi_choopan, William Bonac @william_bonac and Hunter Labrada @hunterlabrada.

Mr Olympia 2021 First Pre Judging: What The People Are Saying

The general reaction on social media regarding Big Ramy and Brandon Curry seems to be the highlight of this year’s event. Ramy’s legs look huge, almost too big and they end up outshining his upper body. Although it should be noted that some people seem to love the huge muscular legs Ramy brought up to this year’s performance.

Going head to head against Big Ramy is Brandon Curry, who seems to be the crowd’s favourite this year alongside the 2021 Arnold Classic winner Nick Walker. Brandon looks big, has great definition and arguably seems to be in a better shape than Big Ramy. However, Brandon’s legs did look small in comparison to his upper body. Hadi Choopan is also butting heads directly with Brandon Curry and Big Ramy.

Nick Walker and Hunter Lambrada had a pretty intense press conference earlier and surprisingly both of them made it into the top six. As mentioned before, Walker seems to be the favourite of the crowd and will most likely finish in the 4th or 5th position this year.

Will Big Ramy be successful in defending his title and become Mr Olympia 2021?

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