Mr Olympia Competitor George Peterson Death

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Dave Palumbo Reveals Aneurysm Could’ve Been A Factor In Mr Olympia Competitor George Peterson’s Death

8 Oct , 2021  

  • George Peterson III officially passed away on October 6, 2021
  • He was preparing for the upcoming Mr. Olympia 2021 bodybuilding event
  • Official cause of his death are yet to be revealed

Mr Olympia LLC officially made the announcement two days ago revealing that Bodybuilder George Peterson III @georgep_dabull has passed away at 37 years of age. The cause of his death remains unknown. But some speculations point towards aneurysm as one of the leading causes. 

George Peterson III Cause of Death

No official autopsy report is available at the time of writing this article but Dave Palumbo did share some critical information regarding the late bodybuilder’s last moments. George was found dead in his hotel room with face down and blood on his nose, according to Dave. He suggested an aneurysm as the probable cause of the nosebleed. 

Unfortunately, Attempts to revive George were futile because he had died several hours ago. George’s family has yet to issue an official statement.

Mr Olympia Competitor And A Kind Human Being

George Peterson III aka Da Bull was a revered figure in the fitness and bodybuilding circles. He competed at Mr Olympia four times and three times at the Classic Physique. George Peterson III won Arnold Classic Pro Champion 2019 and also secured a win at the Tampa Pro two times during his bodybuilding career. 

For his upcoming stint, Peterson was preparing to compete at Mr Olympia 2021 specifically in the Men’s 212 division, one of the most stacked categories at the event. Following the news of George’s death, tributes and heartfelt condolences began pouring in from his peers in the industry. 

It is indeed a tragic day. 

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