Sonita Muluh Deadlift

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Muluh Sonita Deadlifted 230kg//507lbs

30 Sep , 2020  

1 year into powerlifting and already beating the European deadlift record!

Second competition in and Muluh rounded up the day with a 230kg / 507lbs deadlift with is an unofficial European record.

Saturday was an amazing day. Being ready to lift my 3rd attempt without knowing what I was going to lift, it made me prepared my mind and focus in a way I had never had to prepare before.

Muluh Sonita

She also added:

When my coach told me she wasn’t going to tell me my third, I got scared. Knowing that I had failed 225kg just a week before the competition but I wasn’t going let that stop me from trying.

When @robesselens announced my 3rd attempt, I wasn’t scared. All I said to myself was anyways it is “JUST ONLY” additional 3.75kg on each hands. Knowing fully well that my coach @kacee80 believed in me to lift that weight, I wasn’t going to let her down. The energy I got from everyone in there was amazing.


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