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Official USA Powerlifting Mobile App Is Here To Help You Train Like The Pros

4 Oct , 2021  

  • The brand new official USAPL app brings expert training to your smartphone
  • Every month the app will get new features and programs in the form of updates, claims USAPL
  • The app has a variety of features ranging from a 1RM max calculator to in-depth bodyweight analytics

USA Powerlifting Association officially revealed its new mobile app that provides access to world-class training programs. The app features multiple programs as of now with more to come in the future. The app seeks to target Athletes/trainers who want professional-level training right on their smartphones. 

USA Powerlifting Official Mobile App

As of right now, the USA Powerlifting official Mobile app has 5 training programs. More programs will make their way to the platform with each new month. The USAPL mobile app allows unlimited access to exclusive new programs, has a 1RM max calculator on every set, and enables tracking while providing analytics for daily bodyweight, readiness, progress photos, measurements, session RPE etc. 

Just like other mobile applications, the USAPL will most likely get updates each month bringing new changes along with it. Currently, the app is available as a $40 monthly or as a $385 annual subscription. Recently, USAPL also announced its Pro Series to promote clean lifting and fairness in the sport of powerlifting.

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