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One In 400 Trillion

1 Oct , 2020  

To anyone who needs to hear this

Scientists estimate that the probability of you being born is about one in 400 trillion!
That’s a pretty big number” I told myself.

If I had 400 trillion coins, I could probably build a decent-size penny fortress with it.
Also I know my parents didn’t really want me to be born since I was about to be the 3rd child in а not very rich family yet they didn’t but I would estimate my chances of being born to even bigger number! 

So to say…. imagine after all this evolutionary journey you took to EVEN BE HERE and after you were raised in a loving family and let’s say you were happy as a child you wake up one day and stubble upon a random strangers and they feel comfortable enough to tell you who should you fuck, what should you like, how you should live! 
Even worse – they try to uncomfort you in your life so they can feel better themselves! 

Let me tell you…

Anyone who tells you are not worth it.  Anyone who judges you but never comforts you.  Anyone who leaves you in the middle. Anyone who puts you down!

They do it because they are looking for a self esteem stepping stone! They do it because someone else did this to them! They do it because for some reason they are unhappy at the moment!

Don’t be part of this circle! 
You were not delivered one to 400 trillion chances to obey, to serve and to go with your head down! 

Live! Love! Lift! Travel! Smile! 
Only God can judge you! 
You are A MIRACLE!

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