Power Media Team

Power Media™ helps athletes and companies to promote their brands.

PM is a consulting and content marketing agency with years of experience in creating brand awareness and engaging with a large audience. Do you want to think out of the box and stand out of the crowd with our branding strategies?

Our strategy

We are aiming for entertaining and funny content because this is where the main engagement is and with this kind of posts we reach millions of people and can create brand awareness for you:

We creating and distribute content that gets attention

-> content goes viral (shared by the audience and our network)

-> creating publicity for your brand

This does not mean that the content must be solely for entertainment, we can also include educational aspects and values, in accordance with the mission of your brand and what you are aiming for to promote (products, programs, services,…).

However, we know what the potential customers and powerlifting audience wants to see, and we we want to give you the insights and help promoting your brand.

Our brand consulting & publishing services

Our agency offers come in four levels. All our levels include: Original content, original videos, and memes for your brand.

Our community is growing every day and our current social reach is about 8.5+ million weekly impressions on Instagram and 4.3+ million on Facebook.


  • Podcast & Video 
  • Advertising Integrations
  • Branded Content
  • High Impact Media
  • Social Conversation
  • Events

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