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Powerlifting of Crossfit is more expensive

3 Jul , 2018  

I Have Been Powerlifting For 3 (Almost 4) Years Now. I Started Off On My College Campus Gym, $25.00 Per Semester (5 Months). Fitness Professor On Campus Taught Me Everything I Know, He Turned Into My Powerlifting Coach! When The Semester Ended I Had No Where To Train & I Had Been A Fan Of CrossFit Before I Myself Started Powerlifting.

I Didn’t Want To Stop Powerlifting But I Wanted To Incorporate It Into My Life. Financially I Couldn’t Afford It, & Sincerely I Didn’t Find It Worth It, The Local CrossFit Gym, Their Lowest Rate Is $106.35 PLUS TAX Per Month For LIMITED Access! You Could Only Attend Certain Days & Certain Hours, & Had To Be In A Class, You Couldn’t Workout On Your Own. So Immediately I Knew I Couldn’t Do My Powerlifting There!

For “Unlimited” Access It’s $159.53 PLUS TAX Per Month, But You Still Had To Stay On Their Schedule! Plus! Before Actually Joining They Have To Give You A “Mandatory” Fitness Assessment That They Also Charge For, & They Don’t Include On Their Website! So CrossFit Was Not Option For Me. The Local Powerhouse Gym Is A $94.99 Initiation Fee, & $24.99 Per Month For Their Monthly Membership.

I Don’t Attend A Powerhouse Gym So I’m Not Sure If There Are Any Hidden Fees, Restrictions Or Not. I Joined The Edge Fitness, $30.00 Per Month For Their “Total” Membership, I Can Bring In A Guest(s). I Get My Powerlifting Done, I Can Incorporate CrossFit Into My Workout If I Want, Employees Are Well Educated, & Helpful.

Conclusion: CrossFit Is Expensive

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