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Reasons Why 2019 Kern US Open Will Be Bigger Than Ever

27 Jan , 2019  


One of the world’s biggest powerlifting meet is all set to happen at the San Diego Convention centre in California USA. The 2019 Kern Fitness Expo will feature more than 2,000 Athletes from the world of powerlifting, Wrestling, Ninja Warrior and more.

2019 KERN US Open

However, The event we are most excited about is the 2019 Kern US Open powerlifting competition.

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According to the Del Mar Fairgrounds events calendar, the 4th annual Kern US open will be held from April 27 to April 28, 2019. The event guarantees world-record breaking lifts and The prize money pool is worth $250K. A number of famous powerlifters will be present at the event.

Last year, Chakera Holcomb (USA) dominated the women’s category with a total of 1587 pounds (720 kg) at a body weight of 171 lbs (78 kg). She was followed by Stefi Cohen in the second place with a total of 1172 pounds (532 kg) at 119 lbs (54 kg) body weight. While Marianna Gasparyan of Kazakhstan came in third with a record total of 1240 pounds (562.5 kg) with 127 lbs (58 kg) of body weight.

In the men’s category, Yury Belkin won the overall competition in the heavyweight category and grabbed a big check of $40,000. He had a total of 2259 pounds (1025 kg) at 231 lbs (105.7 kg) body weight. Larry Wheels came in third with a total of 2292.8 pounds (1040 kg) in the 275 lbs (125 kg) body weight class. Brandon Allen scored the second place with a total of 2385 pounds (1082 kg) at 323 lbs (146 kg) of body weight.

Last years champion, Yuri Belkin is expected to make a return to the 2019 Kern event. His current best total is at 2325 pounds (1055 kg) @ 227 lbs (103 kg) body weight. From the women side, we can also expect previous years champions making a return including Stefanie Cohen and Chakera Holcomb.

Rest of the information, including the prize money for 2019 and qualifying wilks, is available on the Kern US Open Instagram page.

The coming months are going to be packed with a lot of action, so stay tuned to Powerlifting Motivation for all the latest updates.

*Editors Note: The final roster of athletes is not available yet. We will be updating you on the same, once it’s confirmed.*

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