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Rick Jones Detached his Pec

24 Aug , 2019  

Just wanted to extend some hope to anyone unlucky enough to experience a full pec detachment, and might think it is the end of their time in lifting/benching.

**vids are of today, not the incident**

22 weeks ago to the day, I not only detached my pec, but tore some of my humerus away, requiring plates and anchors to reattach it. I am 44 years old and figured it might take me out of lifting… but I started rehab at 12 weeks and I’ve worked patiently and carefully to strengthen my whole upper body.

Today I benches 5×5 at 200kgs/440lbs with no wraps or spotter, no pain no issues no apparent imbalances. This puts me not far from where I was pre-incident.


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