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31 Jan , 2020  

🏋🏻‍♀️ SQUAT BALANCE 🏋🏻‍♂️ When teaching athletes to squat, coaching cues like “push through your heels” and “sit back” are commonly given in an attempt to improve mechanics and efficiency. These cues have likely become so common over the years due to the tendency for people to shift their weight forward over their toes as […]


shoulder health

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Shoulder Health For Powerlifters

8 Feb , 2019  

By @BroganSamuelWilliams I think every powerlifter has been asked this question a thousand times… “Hey, how much do ya bench?” If you are anything like me, you wish your answer was bigger. We all want to bench more, increase our total and reach the goals we set for ourselves, but we often run into problems […]


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Interview with Daniele Pauli, Swiss PL champion & Strength Wars competitor

25 Feb , 2018  

  Some of you may already know Daniele Pauli from his appearances on the YouTube Strength Wars series, in this article we get to know him a little better and, Daniele will share some golden tips to become a great Powerlifter. Daniele (39) from Switzerland is currently the Swiss IPF pl champion (2017) with a […]

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18 Feb , 2018  

Rather than re-writing what’s already been done about how to properly perform a deadlift I want to focus specifically on rounding of the lower back during the deadlift since this seems to be a common occurrence among lifters. Not necessarily a “training error” since a lot of high level lifters utilize this training technique to […]

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fasting diets?

20 Jan , 2018  

  Intermittent fasting diets seem to be similarly effective as daily calorie-restricted diets for fat loss when caloric intake is matched [1]. Multiple research reviews have come out the past several years supporting this [2, 3].   But although intermittent fasting may not be superior to other forms of dieting, it still is a good alternative. […]



Garage Gym Reviews #2

19 Jan , 2018  

💥BUILDING A BUDGET HOME GYM💥 🏠 I hear this excuse all the time, “but starting a home gym is expensive!” 💰 In all reality, starting a home gym can actually be done rather cheaply. Just because I post crazy setups, doesn’t mean yours has to start that way. ☕ Think about how much money you […]



The Importance of RECOVERY

28 Dec , 2017  

Based on my experience as a coach, this is the one thing ALL athletes can improve on. Today I am going to be writing about the importance of recovery. Not only for strength athletes and powerlifters, but anyone who wants that extra edge with their training. I have found recovery management to be a major […]

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