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PM c/o ZAHIR Signature Singlet

25 Aug , 2019  

PM/ZAHIR lifting singlet

In 2019 PM combined forces with World Record holder Zahir Khudayarov to create Zahir’s signature series hi-end lifting singlet. PM c/o ZAHIR singlets are very limited and for quality and style assurances hand crafted in Europe.

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Couple met at the Squat Rack

25 Aug , 2019  

Who doesn’t love a good love story ❤️❤️❤️ The first place I saw her. Squatting in the squat rack and obviously me looking without being too subtle. Today I married my soulmate and we even returned to the old gym we trained in for a picture by that same Squat rack. Love life 😍 Richard […]

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Rick Jones Detached his Pec

24 Aug , 2019  

Just wanted to extend some hope to anyone unlucky enough to experience a full pec detachment, and might think it is the end of their time in lifting/benching. **vids are of today, not the incident** 22 weeks ago to the day, I not only detached my pec, but tore some of my humerus away, requiring […]


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Well, I obviously don’t sumo that wide

12 Aug , 2019  

Well, I obviously don’t sumo that wide. Not then (2005), and not now. I was a fairly new lifter back then. It was my first international comp, and I was the first lifter in each round. Since the platform was wooden, it was washed between each round. This was my third attempt, 140 kg, a […]

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US OPEN Results

29 Apr , 2019  

Stefi Cohen at US OPEN

WRPF Kern US Open 2019-04-27, USA-CA, San Diego Rank Name Sex Age Equip Class Weight Squat Bench Deadlift Total Wilks 1 Marianna Gasparyan F 30 Wraps 56 56 260 132.5 220 612.5 720.67 2 Stefanie Cohen F 27 Wraps 56 54.4 230 110 240 580 698.11 3 Yury Belkin M 28 Wraps 110 103.4 415 […]


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Shoulder Health For Powerlifters

8 Feb , 2019  

shoulder health

By @BroganSamuelWilliams I think every powerlifter has been asked this question a thousand times… “Hey, how much do ya bench?” If you are anything like me, you wish your answer was bigger. We all want to bench more, increase our total and reach the goals we set for ourselves, but we often run into problems […]


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The Mountain Teaches Larry Wheels About The Elephant Bar

22 Jan , 2019  

The Mountain Teaches Larry Wheels

It’s been several weeks since Larry Wheels has been training in Iceland with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson for the upcoming LA fitness strongman and subsequently for the Arnold Amateur Strongman. Along the journey, Larry has learned log lift, how to stone lifts, how to use his lats while lifting weight above his head and finally he […]

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💥The Movement Minute💥 Ep 1: Squat Depth Drill

8 Jan , 2019  


Ep 1: Squat Depth Drill The Movement Minute is an online educational series consisting of 10 episodes. Hosted by Brogan Williams & directed by Lucko Prawito @luckophoto, our aim is to provide high-quality content in a bite-size, easily understandable form that is applicable straight away – getting you moving better in the gym.–Includes a FREE MOBILITY […]


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Larry Wheels is Training with the Mountain!

6 Jan , 2019  

Larry Whleels and This in Iceland

The man who shook the Bodybuilding and the Powerlifting world, Larry Wheels, is in Iceland for 8 weeks. The purpose of his visit is to train with Thor Björnsson a.k.a the mountain. View this post on Instagram MOVING TO ICELAND FOR 8 weeks SO I CAN LEARN STRONG MAN FROM @thorbjornsson. JAN – END OF […]

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Vlad Alhazov Squats 525 kg // 1157lbs

26 Dec , 2018  

Vlad setting New All Time World Record

Minsk, Belarus 23 Dec 2018 Vlad broke the all time world record squat twice in a single meet. Earlier this year, Vlad squatted 1,157 lbs, then for about two months he was out of business due to injury in his leg. Luckily he recovered fast and on December 23rd he attender the Adrenalin Grand Prix […]

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Thor’s Meet Recap by Markos

17 Dec , 2018  

by Markos Markopoulos So I’ve collected my thoughts, watched plenty of vids from different angles, read thousands of comments, and I’d like to have my last say on Thors 1100kg total. Firstly, it was a brilliant effort. He totalled exactly what I thought he would, based on his training vids, but I got it wrong. […]

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