💥THE MOVEMENT MINUTE💥 EP 5: Squat/Deadlift Stability Drill

31 Jan , 2019  

Ep 5: Squat/Deadlift Stability Drill

In this episode, we touch on the Gluteus Medius, a muscle responsible for hip abduction, internal or medial rotation and lateral stability of the hip. I often see people “warming up” or working this muscle in isolation in efforts to aid with “knees out” in the squat or deadlifts, however, only training the muscle activation of the glute med is not considering the secondary or tertiary role or the full function of that muscle.

Because it is not only responsible for hip abduction but internal rotation, blindly training this muscle in isolation could very well make the problem worse than you are trying to fix! (Glute med is an internal rotator -> tight and/or dysfunctional internal rotators can inhibit hip external rotation or abduction aka “knees out” in the squat).

My answer… train the Glute Med in the function you require it when standing on two feet and squatting or deadlifting. I propose this stability drill, to include into your warm-ups as a way to not only build more proprioception awareness & stability at the hip but to prime your body to be able to express strength through this new found stability in the context of your end goal, squatting and deadlifting. 
More episodes to come on this!


By @Brogansamuelwilliams
Directed by @luckophoto
Exercise model: @insta.chaz

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