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Top 10 Lifts From The 2021 Showdown Meet For The Ultimate Workout Motivation

29 Sep , 2021  

The latest 2021 Showdown meet ended with a huge bang. A lot of talented athletes broke the toughest of records and it was a spectacle to witness all of them. From John Haack to Tamara Walcott, the latest Showdown meet once again proved to be one of the best battlegrounds for raw powerlifting. 

Don’t worry if you missed out on the action as here is a quick recap of the top 10 lifts from the 2021 Showdown meet for your ultimate workout motivation. 

John Haack

The American powerlifter shocked the world by crossing the 1000kg total milestone. John Haack became the lightest powerlifter to lift 1000.5kg in the raw division. Here’s his 400kg deadlift for some inspiration. 

Tamara Walcott

This powerlifter from Kansas City, Missouri, started her powerlifting journey to fight her addiction. During the 2021 Showdown Powerlifting meet, Tamara Walcott pulled the heaviest deadlift of all time by a woman in the raw category. Watch her in awe as she lifts 636lbs. 

Joe Sullivan

Joe held the record for the heaviest deadlift in his weight class. During the Showdown meet, he not only defended his record but broke it as well. Watch Joe squatting 837lbs and establish a new all-time world record in the 100kg / 220lbs weight class.

Brianny Terry

Terry deadlift 600lbs and managed to snag the second overall position during the 2021 Showdown meet. Here’s a glimpse of her amazing feat. 

Kiersten Scurlock

A powerlifting coach by profession, Kiersten send the entire event into a cheerful roar when she started her attempt with a 578lbs squat. She remained just shy of a 1500lbs total but her lifts remain impressive nonetheless. 

Shane Haller

Squatting almost 900lbs is not for the average human being which is why Shane Haller is perfect for this task. The powerlifter gracefully squatted the 903lbs, which also became his best lift during the meet. 

Thomas TD Davis

Benchpress is one of the best tests of strength out there. Thomas TD Davis conquered this lift with a 716lbs bench press and achieved the record for the biggest bench press ever performed in a full power meet. 

Kristy Hawkins

While deadlift Kristy tore her biceps and it was probably the only thing that stopped her from going for a second attempt. Here’s her amazing 606lbs deadlift.

Dr Ashley Contorno

A physical therapist and a powerlifter, Dr Ashley’s notable lifts during the 2021 Showdown meet include a 336lbs bench press and a 523lbs squat. Overall she came in at the third position during the meet. 


Fun fact, this was the first meet where Terri coached herself. She even pushed through an old injury that flared up during her prep and successfully deadlifted 573lbs.

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