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Top 10 Powerlifting Memes Of January 2019

14 Jan , 2019  

“Memes are not the solution said no one ever.

I have gone through the absolutely worse imaginable scenarios with nothing but a good training session and some equally satisfying memes.

Since I know all of you bench heavy daily, you probably won’t take training advice from me.

However, when it comes to memes, I will show you 10 powerlifting memes on @PowerliftingMotivation feed this month. The most liked, shared and commented shit… totally worth a laugh, or maybe just a chuckle.

So here are our top 10 powerlifting memes of January 2019.

1: Too bad you also have to work and pay bills to continue to lift. But it’s all worth it.

2: You can deadlift 600 pounds (We are looking at you, Amanda Lawrence). Why are you scared of a cockroach? It can fly! Oh shit!!!

3: Yes, Mrs Kate, being a savage is a full-time job. Now if you’ll excuse me, It’s chest day and I am getting late.

4: Damn it, Larry. I’ll have to die a virgin because of you.

5: Screw this protein shake, I am gonna start eating rice from now on.

6: Oops! I forgot to add some Tacos in there.

7: When she’s ready to bench and you’re not sure whether to hold the weight or a Cross!

8: Yes, Karen. I am in love with the Squat Rack now. Just close the door on your way out.


9: Damn it larry, at least let me beat you at something!

10: Tell my mom I love her.

Do let us know about your favourite top 10 powerlifting memes, in the comments below. And for everything related to lifting like a big strong bear, stay tuned to Powerlifting Motivation.



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