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Top 10 Powerlifting Memes Of January 2019

14 Jan , 2019  

“Memes are not the solution said no one ever.

I have gone through the absolutely worse imaginable scenarios with nothing but a good training session and some equally satisfying memes.

Since I know all of you bench heavy daily, you probably won’t take training advice from me.

However, when it comes to memes, I will show you 10 powerlifting memes on @PowerliftingMotivation feed this month. The most liked, shared and commented shit… totally worth a laugh, or maybe just a chuckle.

So here are our top 10 powerlifting memes of January 2019.

1: Too bad you also have to work and pay bills to continue to lift. But it’s all worth it.

2: You can deadlift 600 pounds (We are looking at you, Amanda Lawrence). Why are you scared of a cockroach? It can fly! Oh shit!!!

3: Yes, Mrs Kate, being a savage is a full-time job. Now if you’ll excuse me, It’s chest day and I am getting late.

4: Damn it, Larry. I’ll have to die a virgin because of you.

5: Screw this protein shake, I am gonna start eating rice from now on.

Seriously….can anyone tell me?

Posted by Powerlifting Motivation on Friday, January 4, 2019

6: Oops! I forgot to add some Tacos in there.

7: When she’s ready to bench and you’re not sure whether to hold the weight or a Cross!

Her Lifting why u do dat?

Posted by Powerlifting Motivation on Sunday, December 9, 2018

8: Yes, Karen. I am in love with the Squat Rack now. Just close the door on your way out.


9: Damn it larry, at least let me beat you at something!

10: Tell my mom I love her.

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Posted by Powerlifting Motivation on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Do let us know about your favourite top 10 powerlifting memes, in the comments below. And for everything related to lifting like a big strong bear, stay tuned to Powerlifting Motivation.

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