Top 5 Powerlifting Wrist Wraps


Top 5 best powerlifting wrist wraps of 2021

22 Apr , 2021  

We did a research on different powerlifting wrist wrap brands and YOU were the ones to choose which ones are the best. Before we introduce you to our ranking though, here are a few questions that people who are unfamiliar with weightlifting might want an answer to.

What are powerlifting wrist wraps for?

The primary benefit of wrist wraps while benching to help stabilize the wrist to prevent hyperextending and promote proper wrist placement under the bar. With wrist wraps, you can better stabilize barbell weight and prevent sapping any strength from your shoulders or legs for corrective movements. There are two types of wrist wraps – Stiff and soft. Stiff ones lessens the movement of the wrist providing better casting on the wrist. Soft ones are for beginners and are not as overwhelming.

Are they necessary?

Wrist wraps are especially useful with exercises like bench press, shoulder press, clean and jerk, and other push movements and help improve your range of motion. If you’re thinking of getting into powerlifting, CrossFit, or bodybuilding you’ll notice that wrist wraps are an essential part of most routines.

What are some benefits of powerlifting wrist wraps?

Stabilize wrists for heavy lifts.
Support for high volume movements.
Recover faster from injuries.

5. Rogue wrist wraps

Available in three different lengths, Rogue Wrist Wraps provide additional wrist support anytime you need it. These affordable but durable wraps are made from a cotton, elastic, and polyester blend that absorbs excess moisture and won’t irritate the skin.


“I own Rogue wrist wraps in just about every color available, and I have been pleased with each pair I have purchased.”

“Bought a bunch of different brands of wrist wraps and these (24”) were my favorite in length and stiffness.”

“Injured my wrist big time. Started with a “splint-like” wrap but barely helped. Using the rogue straps i can adjust the tightness and have been able to lift because of them. Will not lift without these now. Well worth the price!”

sling shot wrist wraps

4. Sling Shot Mark Bell’s wrist wraps

These wraps give wrist support during bodybuilding, weightlifting, and more! The adjustable strap allows you to put each wrap on with just one hand. These Level-2 elastic wrist straps give extra support during any pressing movement.


“These are the first straps I’ve ever used and although the weights I’m presently used may not warrant straps to some people – I still bought them and use them as they actually do provide added stability. And the way I look at it is – even if you’re presently not lifting heavy heavy weights, you could still injure yourself so why take such a risk?”

“Best multipurpose wrap. Can be used for wrist, elbow, and knee support.”

“Highly recommended. Perfect amount of aggression with these straps, allows you to wrap tighter. Have used the 36″ pair on my wrists as well as elbows and have had great result with both. Highly recommended, especially for the elbows, as these are pretty expensive if you’re using them exclusively for the wrists.”

3. Strength shop Hercules wrist wraps

Top quality and relatively soft wrap, ideal for functional training and olympic weightlifting.

Tough, long lasting and very comfortable.

Strength Shop wrist wraps help prevent injury giving excellent support to your wrists during all your lifts.


This product has a 5/5 star rating on Google reviews.

“Bought as a Secret Santa gift for a work colleague who loves them.

Well made and seem very durable, he had no complaints and uses them weekly. Both liquid and powder chalk cleans off easily after a quick soak in warm water. ”

“Great fit, work a treat when lifting heavy. ”

“Very good and durable. The best thing about it is that its not heavily branded and too colourful like most the other goofy looking wrist wraps. Simplicity is great.”

2. Powerlifting Motivation wrist wraps

PM wrist wraps deliver remarkable training confidence and incredible build quality – purpose built to support you in reaching the next level of performance. We’ve taken everything a normal Wrist Wrap does to the next level! We’ve taken care of every small detail in order to create the perfect Wrist Wrap.


“Great wrist wrap. Extra stiff but not to overwhelming. Really not designed to be particularly warm but rather snug and fit for a better use. I recommend these to people needing some wrist support. This will do the job. Good luck. ”

“Took some getting used to these wrist wraps but once I did, I LOVE THEM! Definitely recommend these to any powerlifter looking for more substantial support. ”

“Great product. Works very well. I have some issues with my wrists, and when you are benching heavy, it’s great to know that you can get some extra support. The length is fantastic and allows you to really crank it deep and hard. ”

1. SBD wrist wraps

Flexible wrist wraps are designed for easy self-wrapping during training, for repetitions and competition use.

Stiff wrist wraps are designed for maximal effort work, making them an excellent choice for competition use.


“Great wraps. I got stiff wraps at the maximum length and oh boy they are lit. My first don’t move, yeah it does get really tight and start to cut off blood to my worst but hey my lifts are good and my wrist feel fine so I’ll take.”

“Flexible medium.. couldn’t be more happy. Solid look and feel. Tightens down to a good cast.”

We asked you on our instagram stories @powerliftingmotivaton to choose between a variety of brands and these are the results. Thanks to everyone who voted. What do you think we should do next?

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