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Top 5 Female Junior Powerlifters In The World In 2022 Based on DOTS

16 Mar , 2022  

We recently looked at some of the best male powerlifters in the junior category. You can check out the list here. Today we’re taking a look at the top 5 female powerlifters in the junior category as well. 

These rankings are based on the individual athlete’s DOTS number. For your reference “DOTS” stands for Dynamic Objective Team Scoring System. The DOTS system uses a series of complex formulas, taking into account athlete’s weight, gender, the type of event they participated in, and the category to calculate a final number. You can use the DOTS formula for yourself using this online calculator. The Federal Association of German Powerlifters adopted the DOTS rating system in 2019 for team competitions.

So here are some of the best female junior powerlifters ranked according to their DOTS score. 

Best Female Junior Powerlifters 2022 As Per DOTS score

Cora Mecum

The 21-year old powerlifter, Cora Mecum @coorrraaa, hails from Florida, USA, and has one of the highest DOTS ratings in her class. During the Ghost Clash meet held last month, she achieved a 540 DOTS rating in the open division with wraps. She scored also scored 1135.3lbs (512.9kg) total in the 148lbs (67kg) weight class. Meanwhile, last year in September, Cora achieved a 534 DOTS score in the open division while lifting RAW during The Bucked Up Showdown meet. She had a 1074.7lbs (487.4kg) total to her name with a 134.7lbs (61kg) body weight.

Christiane Hazzard

Hailing from Ohio, USA, Christiane Hazzard @christyhazz_sbd currently competes in the 132lbs (59.8kg) weight class with a 130lbs (58.9kg) body weight. Her latest DOTS score is 510 which she achieved at the Arnold A7 Raw Challenge held earlier in March 2022. She is 22 years old and can already squat 363.7lbs (164.9kg), bench 248lbs (112kg), and deadlift 396.8lbs (180kg). Christiane competes in the FR-O division and does RAW powerlifting. In November last year, she competed in the FR-Jr category and has since then increased her DOTS rating by 60 points. 

Caitlin Berry

Also residing in Ohio, USA, Caitlin Berry @cat60kg is one of the youngest and most talented athletes on this list. At 19 years old, she currently competes in the 132lbs (59.8kg) weight class and has a DOTS rating of 508.15. She also has some of the most impressive numbers in deadlifts and benchpress in her class. During the recently held Arnold A7 Pro-Am Equipped – Pro Raw, she lifted RAW 418.8lbs (190kg) in deadlift and 264.5lbs (120kg) in benchpress. Caitlin scored a 1003.1lbs (454.9kg) total at 130lbs (58.9kg) body weight. 

Daria Efimtseva

The 21-year old Russian powerlifter, Daria Efimtseva @efimtseva_daria, probably has one of the highest totals on this list. With a 336.1lbs (152.4kg) body weight, Daria has an incredible 1404lbs (636.8kg) total to her name. She achieved this score at the recent Russian Classic Powerlifting Championships held earlier this month in Russia. However, she only gave a single attempt in all three lifts. Her best performance was in November 2021 at the World Powerlifting Championships held in Norway. She scored a 1559.7lbs (707.4kg) total with a 326.1lbs (147.9kg) body weight and had a DOTS score of 545.72. 

Taylor Ingram

Hailing from the Lone Star state, Taylor Ingram is one of the promising powerlifters you need to keep an eye on. At 22 years old, she can squat 400lbs (181kg), bench 180lbs (81kg), and deadlift 455lbs (206kg). With a 143.8lbs (65.22kg) body weight, Taylor holds 1010lbs (458.12kg) total to her name. At the recent Lone Star Classic held last month in Texas, she gave her best performance and achieved a DOTS score of 482.53.


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