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Top Male Junior Powerlifters In The World In 2022

13 Mar , 2022  

Performing your best during an official meet takes a lot of strength, discipline, and mental fortitude. It is not the same as lifting in your local gym as the pressure and intensity in such situations are way high. The young athletes we are taking a look at today have a huge potential. 

From lifting an insane weights to showcasing near-superhuman strength at a young age, these guys are some of the best this sport has to offer. With that said, here are some of the best male powerlifters in the junior category. We rank them based on their meet totals.

Best Male Junior Powerlifters

Gabriel Didden

Hailing from Florida, USA, Gabriel Didden @gdidden220 is one of the best male junior powerlifters when it comes to Wraps total. At 23 years of age, Gabriel weighs 218.7lbs (99kg) and competes in the 220lbs (100kg) class. He has a 1967.6lbs (892.4kg) total to his name thanks to a 777.1lbs (352.4) squat, 451.9lbs (204.9kg) bench press, and a 738lbs (334.75kg) deadlift. He also owns a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, proving he’s got the brains and the brawns. In one of his latest training videos, you can see Gabriel repping a 420lbs (190kg) bench for 5 reps, claiming improved ROM and stability as well. 

Bryan Duncan

Residing in Montclair State, New Jersey, USA, Bryan Duncan @bryan__duncan is one of the most powerful 23-year-old powerlifters on the planet. He specializes in RAW lifts and with a bodyweight of 238.0lbs (108kg) competes in the 242lbs (109kg) class. Bryan performed exceptionally well at the recent Ghost Clash Pro Meet. He achieved a 1918lbs (869kg) RAW total with a 622.8lbs (282kg) squat, 457.4lbs (207kg) bench, and 837.7lbs (380kg) deadlift, which is super impressive. 

Nuutti Matsukoski

With a bodyweight of 339lbs (153.9kg), Nuutti Mansukoski @nuutti_mansukoski competes in the 264+lbs class and has a RAW total of 1894lbs (859kg). His latest stats are as follows: a 688.9lbs (312kg) squat, a 444.2lbs (201kg) bench, and a 761lbs (345kg) deadlift. Mansukoski is also a 3x Nordic Record holder and regularly posts videos of himself moving an insane amount of weight. He recently repped a 700lbs (317kg) deadlift for 4 reps, showcasing why he deserves to be in the top leagues. 

Yehia Aboelnaga

Based out of Minnesota, USA Yehia Aboelnaga recently gave his impressive performance Minnesota Junior Open and Master State Championships. He did gain some weight since his last performance in October 2021 at the Texas State Championship but the gain in his numbers was very significant. At 22 years old, Yehia Aboelnaga currently holds a 1890lbs (857kg) RAW total in which he has a 699.9lbs (317kg) squat, 462.9lbs (210kg) bench, and a 738lbs (334.5) deadlift. 

Gavin Adin

From US Virgin Islands, Gavin Adin @gavin_adin, a 23-year-old powerlifter, dominates the world stage with his beastly strength. And his 1857.4lbs (842kg) total is indicative of that fact. Gavin achieved his latest RAW total competing at the Classic & Equipped National Championship held in February 2022. The amazing part is that he achieved his total while competing in the Open category and instead of the Juniors’. In terms of specifics, Gavin has a 705lbs (319kg) squat, 474lbs (215kg) bench, and 705.4lbs (320kg) deadlift to his name.


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