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2022 Top 5 Male Powerlifters In The World Based on Their DOTS

23 Mar , 2022  

We recently compiled a list of some of the best men and women powerlifters in the world in the Juniors category. We ranked the male on the basis of total and female athletes on the basis of their DOTS score in the Raw and Equipped categories.

For the uninitiated, DOTS is a scoring system that takes into account an athlete’s weight, gender, the type of event they compete and some additional information to calculate a comprehensive view of their performance.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the best Male powerlifters so far in 2022. Just like our previous lists, we’ve compiled this one on the basis of their DOTS number. With that said here are the Top 5 Male powerlifters in the World in 2022.

John Haack

We’ve covered John Haack @bilbo_swaggins181 in the past on our website. Hailing from Florida, USA last year he dominated the Bucked Up Showdown Powerlifting by scoring a 2216.7lbs (1000.5kg) total at a 197.3lbs (89.5kg) body weight. During the same event, John pulled 887.3lbs (402.4kg) deadlift, which is absolutely insane. Even more impressive is the fact that in January 2022, he broke his own deadlift record by lifting 903.9lbs (410kg) in the 220lbs (100kg) weight category. Both of his lifts were RAW, making his feat even more remarkable. His latest DOTS score is 630.87, which is one of the highest in his segment.

Blake Lehew

Blake Lehew @deadliftingorangutan is another Florida-based powerlifter making his name amongst the champions. With a DOTS score of 617.28, he is trailing just behind John. Just a quick look at his last two meets reveals a massive improvement in Blake’s performance. During last year’s Bucked Up Showdown, he scored 1895.9lbs (859.9kg) total with a 181.2lbs (82kg) body weight. He lifted 804.7lbs (365kg) in the deadlift, 501.5lbs (227.4) in benchpress, and 694.4lbs (314kg) in squat during the same event. In his latest meet at Hybrid Showdown 4, Blake scored 2006.2lbs (910kg) total with an almost unchanged bodyweight of 181.4lbs (82.2kg).

Robert Paxson

Next on our list is Robert Paxson, who holds a very interesting lifting record, to say the least. His latest DOTS score is 612.77. He achieved 1978.6lbs (897.4kg) total with a 179.4lbs (81.37kg) body weight, which is super impressive. However, the second last appearance was way back in 2018 during the PA State Championships. Since then his numbers have improved massively. For example, in 2018 he opened his lift with a 600lbs (272.15lbs) squat but in 2022 his starting weight in the same lift was 711lbs (322.5kg). Here’s to hoping Robert continues to bring his top game at the upcoming events.

Jawon Garrison

Hailing from Florida, USA Jawon @majin_avenger is known for his explosive performance. During the latest Ghost Clash, he secured a 1890.4lbs (857.4kg) total at a 178.8lbs (81.10kg) body weight, making him the lightest lifter on this list. Since last year, he has added 50lbs (22.6kg) to his total while losing 7lbs (3.17kg) from his body weight. Jawon now competes in the 181lbs (82.1kg) RAW class and is probably one of the lifters in this segment.

Jamal Browner

On this basis of total weight lifted, Jamal @jamal_b15 easily comes out on top with 2182.5lbs (990kg) total. During the recent Hybrid Showdown 4, Jamal squatted 815.7lbs (370kg), benched 501.5lbs (227.4kg) and deadlifted 975.5lbs (442.47kg). Some people also predict that Jamal can become strong enough to pull 1000lbs (453.5kg) deadlift in the coming months. It’d ascend him from the realm of powerlifting to the world of strongmen, which is a mind-blowing feat.


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