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Vlad Alhazov Squats 525 kg // 1157lbs

26 Dec , 2018  

Minsk, Belarus 23 Dec 2018

Vlad broke the all time world record squat twice in a single meet.

Earlier this year, Vlad squatted 1,157 lbs, then for about two months he was out of business due to injury in his leg. Luckily he recovered fast and on December 23rd he attender the Adrenalin Grand Prix in Minsk, the Belorussian capital under the WRPF Belarus and WRPF.

The meet was organized by the strongest bencher in Belarus, Roma Eremasvili and hosted by the legendary Misha Koklyaev.

Vlad opened with 465 kg // 1,025 lbs, then on his second attempt set an ATWR with his 51o kg // 1,024 lbs he moved to 525 kg // 1,157 lbs…

Check out his video below.

His 525 kg // 1157 lbs squat became the NEW ALL TIME WORLD RECORD Classic Raw (raw with wraps)

The president of the WRPFKiril Sarychev was also cheering in the crowds.

Adrenalin Grand Prix
Adrenalin Grand Prix

Recall that Alhazov held the IPS world record for the equipped squat with 1250lbs. Unfortunately, he suffered a terrible knee injury during his attempt to squat 1 300lbs at the Westside Barbell training ten years ago. Alhazov underwent a full knee reconstruction and it wasn’t clear whether he will be able to lift ever again.

Adrenalin Grand Prix

Vlad Alhazov (M)

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